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Fifty Little Projects in Fifty Weeks

The Big Idea

By Lawrence Statton — Aug 19, 2023 1:35 pm

In late May, 2023, I started working on what would become a series of little projects that take "about a week" each. Sometimes they were complete applications, other times it was a task like "Learn how to use slf4j

A few friends have become interested in watching this develop, and I certainly have produced some code that is worth showing to the world. That was the genesis for this site: A place to describe these one-week projects as they are developed, and at some point I will circle back and pick up the first few.

I am focusing on small Android tasks, but not exclusively. For most of these projects, there is a network angle, and often a web-service to support the application I am writing.

I have spent the bulk of the past 30 years writing database code and doing back-end programming. There are millions of developers with excellent public-facing design skills. I am none of them.

Continue to watch this space for more developments. I intend to post something to the blog at least daily.

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