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What a Sunday!

By Lawrence Statton — Aug 20, 2023 2:17 pm
Category: Meta Web Services

Last night, I decided it was time to take another concrete step towards putting the part of the system (called The Beast for what it's worth) that writes the individual post content into the spool directory onto the colo machine. This is a preface to having the post process actually involve an HTTP POST operation

Yesterday, the process ran on my desktop (where I could keep a watchful eye on it) and then I would rsync the spool directory to the webserver. Now the process runs (still at the command-line) on the distant machine.

The other major change is now the webserver that serves all of the content, rather than parsing the feed-files and building the page content from them, simply fetches the data that comes from the database from the database, and builds the per-article summary data in real time. I have gone from reading and parsing one giant XML file with mixed Atom and XHTML elements, into reading many small files. I am honestly not sure this is a good thing. I am certain that I will not be performance bound for many months to come.

A little ten-minute side-track was setting up authorization/authentication using SSL Client Certificates, and not passwords. The username-password model should have died a quick death a decade ago, and today I take a stand: I will no longer perpetuate this bad idea. I will write an full-length article on the hows-and-whys in the foreseeable future.

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